About CTC

We're no rookie when it comes to creating cards

Custom Trading Cards (CTC) is a trading card photo booth service and the culmination of over a decades worth of experience creating collectible keepsakes for guests and attendees at events all over the globe. CTC was created by Conor Mongan, an award-winning former senior card designer who has worked in the sports design industry since 1999 and has produced creative projects that have been featured in ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and other publications.

After years of creating trading cards for stars like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Albert Pujols and Sidney Crosby, he transitioned that same skill-set to the event world, providing a final product as close to a real trading card as possible, created on-site in less than a minute.

Our process and execution has been honed for over a decade working with top brands all over the world, and has a number of options to allow you to completely customize the experience for your event. Automated photo booth kiosks. Actual photographers. Branding. Social Sharing. Green screen. Animated cards. Autographs. You name it, and we can do it.

CTC is based in Austin, TX and has handled trading card events across North America and across the globe.

Whether it’s a small private event or a multi-day corporate activation, we look forward to bringing one of the most unique photo experiences around to your next event.

How we do what we do:

trading card photo booth design process
  • Our designer creates a one-of-a-kind design that aligns with your goals and objectives
  • Double-sided trading card template at authentic 2.5” x 3.5” size and thickness
  • Industry leaders; over a decade of creating trading cards at events all over the world
  • Cards can be anything from sports cards, poker cards, entertainment TCG cards or more
trading card photo booth event process
  • Utilizing a live photographer or one of our automated photo booth kiosks, guests have their photo captured and instantly placed into card template
  • Service can utilize green screen technology or pre-printed background scenes
  • Card fronts can include various custom fields (name, logos, colors, etc)
  • Overall process takes an average of 60 seconds per trading card
trading card photo booth capabilities
  • Full social media sharing via email, text and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Ability to add digital autographs to cards
  • Add motion with animated cards
  • Show off the cards with a live slideshow
  • Various branding options are available to help with the aesthetics of the overall set-up

Bring our Custom Trading Card Service to your next event!