Movie trading cards. Construction expos. A perfect combo, right?

One of the largest expos in the world, a fact that may not be known to those outside of the industry, ConExpo takes over the entire grounds of the Las Vegas Convention Center every few years, and people from all over the world travel to the event to see the latest and greatest offerings from thousands of companies in the construction and agriculture fields.

As we’ve done in the past, we joined Castrol to create trading cards involving the latest Fast and the Furious movie — The Fate of the Furious — or F8 if you’re keeping track. Guests could step into our photo station, have their card created and printed on the spot, and also share it digitally.

In addition, we also supplied a slideshow that not only displayed the cards that were created, but also played the Fate of the Furious movie trailer to help draw attention to the booth.

Castrol’s Fate of the Furious booth at ConExpo
L to R: sample Fate of the Furious trading card; one of the many heavy machines on display at ConExpo