A Devil of a Time at One Jersey

One of the most obvious tie-ins for our services are fanfest trading cards at events in stadiums or arenas, especially when the client is the resident team. There’s no other format that captures the theme of the event than a trading card, and that’s why the New Jersey Devils invited us out to their preseason fan event dubbed One Jersey.

We produced hockey cards from our branded photo kiosk, which really tied in the look and feel of the Devils and the event. A custom screen greeted guests, and after their photo was taken, they could share from the kiosk as well.

A unique aspect of the event is that actual Devils players volunteered at the photo booth, although they were coaxed into guest starring in fan’s cards the majority of the time — even though most of the players already have their own trading cards already!

branded custom trading card photo booth for the New Jersey Devils hockey team
new jersey devils hockey cards